Company Information

Wyoming Spine and Neurosurgery Associates was formed in 2001 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. In this region, there was a need for careful, conservative and consistent neurosurgical care. The goal of this practice from the outset was to offer patients simply the best option to get them back to normal in the shortest period of time possible. We are careful to fully identify the problem you have. We offer conservative options and we consistently make these values our objective.

At Wyoming Spine and Neurosurgery, we focus first on non-surgical options for most problems we see particularly in spinal disorders. Surrounded by some of the most aggressive spinal surgeons in the United States, patients who chose to consult with us will find our approach focuses on how we can help you get better and not necessarily with surgery. We understand certain problems warrant urgent intervention, however, the majority do not and, in fact, some conditions are treated more effectively without surgery.

We employ injections in the spine for both therapeutic as well as diagnostic reasons. Injections help us identify more precisely where back and neck as well as arm and leg pain originate from. In the process of having injections, often the underlying problem goes away. In cases in which problems persist, we offer the latest and most advanced care options which are available anywhere.

We were the first to offer stereotactic surgery using the Stealth Treon device in the United States. We were the first practice to offer several different surgical options including several new surgical implants in the United States. Right here in Cheyenne, Wyoming we now offer robotic spinal surgery using the Mazor Robot which is only available at a couple facilities in all of Colorado, no other facility in Wyoming and only a handful total in the region. We have cutting edge technology, implant availability and superb neurosurgical post-surgical hospital care which we believe compares to many high level facilities in the country should you need surgery.

In our practice we can not over emphasize how we place your overall well-being at the forefront of our goals for your care. As you should be aware, some surgeons are just that, surgeons. We are spinal care and neurological care specialists. If we believe a surgery may only lead to the need for further subsequent surgeries, we may not take that approach. If we understand that a problem may not necessarily worsen without surgery, we will share that understanding with you so you can make an educated decision about how you would like to address your health concern.

We will explain your condition, carefully prove we understand your condition using diagnostic testing, then outline for you various options which are available for treatment. We will focus on the treatment which will get you back to what your want to do with the least amount of pain and in the least amount of time. We will focus on the treatment which will most likely serve you well for the longest period of time and not necessarily lead you to more surgeries in the future. In cases where you might need further intervention down the road, we will be sure you understand that possibility as well.

We like to say at Wyoming Spine and Neurosurgery that, “We have your back.” Not just in the sense that we operate on backs, more in the sense that we believe we can provide you with care you can trust will be truly what is best for you and only you. We pride ourselves on offering our patients the kind of care we would like for ourselves and believe you will grow to appreciate our commitment should you chose to allow us the opportunity to participate in your care.